I’m driven by curiosity and a need to know how things work. I enjoy finding patterns, whether they be in music, mathematics, language, or elsewhere. I don’t think there’s anything more valuable than a desire to learn, and second to this is a desire to teach. I’d rather put effort into automating something than doing the thing itself, and similarly, I enjoy making something work well more than just making it work. I read all sorts of things. I write music, and have formed or been a member of bands that have played around Australia. I have hiked in the Himalayas and the Madagascan jungles, and lived abroad in Norrköping, Sweden.


I completed the following degrees at Swinburne University of Technology (Hawthorn, Australia). One semester was completed at Linköping University (Linköping, Sweden)



I am a skilled Python developer with full confidence in the languages and concepts used on the modern web. I can speak PHP fluently, Java competently, and enjoy working with functional languages such as Haskell. I administer many Linux machines (both virtual and actual computers), and am completely at home in a command–line environment.

For a list of technology-related acronyms, please see my LinkedIn profile. For code samples, see my GitHub account.